Connect your EMCO e-scooter to your smartphone!

Take advantage of the many pros the new EMCO controller 2.0 has, through its smartphone app:

  1. Choose among different ways of driving
  2. Tracking of the remaining distance with medium and maximum speed
  3. Tracking of the route’s and overall kilometers
  4. Updates on energy, tendency and power

Choose your own way of driving!

Your smartphone can be connected with the new controller 2.0 of your scooter, to adjust it to your demands. The controller 2.0 creates a WLAN network, which can be selected, by using the smartphone app. Even before your stroll, you can use the app to choose among four ways of driving: Eco, Custom, Power or Wheely. Adjust your route to maintain longer rides in Eco function or move in Wheely function, to maximize the starting speed, according to your own personal needs.

Monitor your course!

The controller can do so much more than update you for the current level of the battery, but can also inform you about  energy, tendency, power and the medium speed of the scooter, which can be directly read from the app. Moreover, the app calculates the distance traveled per day and also from the first time you used the scooter. Insignificant problems like  sensor errors or low tendency errors are stored in the error memory, so you can decide in real time which function you will choose for the scooter based on the current situation.

The new controller is optionally available for the Retro and Classic Line models. The controller can be installed on the models of the particular line that have already been purchased.