Charging station

Always Charged!

Give your client or associate the ability to charge his/her e-scooter for free! We suggest different designs of EMCO charging stations, which are ideal for charging pedelecs, e-bikes, e-scooters and e-cards.

There are different designs of charging stations which can be modified to contain your own logo for enhancing the projection and advertisement of your company. The charging stations can be installed everywhere, like at your factory’s parking lot for your associates, at the hotel for your clients or generally, in public places.

Your benefits:

✓ Strong, high-quality construction, with galvanized surface

✓ Rain protection and security, according to the protection rules IP44

✓ Multiple power sockets

✓ Minimum Maintenance

✓ Simple lock system and possibility of locking the electrical safeties

✓ Can be registered at the European Network of Gas Stations through