EMCO Electroller Gmbh

As a subsidiary of EMCO Group, EMCO Electroller gmbh is a trustworthy associate, who is supported by a very powerful industry. With more than 1200 employees worldwide, EMCO Group has a salient position for over 70 years.

E-Scooter - Service Center

Eos e-bikes, based in Thessaloniki, sells electric vehicles, such as e-Scooters EMCO and e-Bikes by ELEXA.

Eos e-Bikes is the dealership of the German company EMCO e-scooter in Greece. EMCO e-scooter is the biggest company of electric two-wheel vehicles in Germany. It has a vast sales network, with over 350 dealers in Germany and other European countries. The perfectly structured warehouse of EMCO guarantees fast service and spare parts’ shipment, whilst a specialized team of technicians does frequent quality checks.

The electric bikes ELEXA are designed and made by EOS e-bikes. Their modern design and light construction provides the possibility of a comfortable and quick ride.

The aim of the company is to present and promote the new generation of two-wheel vehicles in Greece. The advantages of e-motion are many, like money saving, but also environment protection!